Why pre – wedding shoots are a good idea

My most recent shoot was with Kez and Kody as they count down to the wedding. With just a month to go, this was a great opportunity to practice poses, get comfortable with each other and in front of the camera with me.

The lovely couple will have their dogs with them on their wedding day so naturally they came along to our pre-shoot as well. Dogs take any photo shoot to the next level instantly (I love dogs so possibly bias here).

  • Research what you want from your shoot. Think about outfits, poses, vibes and themes.
  • Compile a photo list you can quickly refer to (feel free to share these with your photographer prior to your shoot).
  • Try various poses, they won’t all work all the time but it’s good to have lots of options to choose from.
  • Have your make up done. This is especially true if you don’t usually wear makeup so you can see how it will photograph.
  • Bring additions to your outfit. Kez had a jacket and scarf which she could discard or add on for a slightly different look.

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